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Solving problems in the engineering fields of agriculture, energy and transport with unparalleled thinking, that is Haak Innovations BV.

Soil Optimizer

Our first product is Soil Optimizer, which is an autonomous precision soil analysis and fertilization robot. It does all the work for you! Soil Optimizer walks over a field taking soil samples at depths and analyses it in real time and in-situ. All this information is uploaded to a platform where correlations are found . Our platform can  give you advise as how to best manage your farm and gives you insightful information into your soil conditions. Soil Optimizer can thus save fertilization and irrigation costs and increase the overall yield of a farmers field. Moreover our method is a lot more environmentally friendly as we prevent over fertilization, eutrophication , water contamination and adverse human health affects.  What can Soil Optimizer measure for you?

  • 8 nutrient levels
  • Water content
  • Temperature
  • Organic matter
  • pH

Demonstration of our prototype! 

If you interested in our product, but would like to see it in action first we invite you to come to the AgroFoodTech event in the ” Brabanthallen” ‘S-Hertogenbosch on 14 and 15 December! Here we will be demonstrating our prototype which can analyse micro and macro nutrients in 15 minutes! Moreover we can answer your questions and give you more information on our product. The event is free to attend                                           ( see http://www.agrifoodtech.nl/).  We are looking forward to meeting you!

If you cant wait until the event, below is a sneak peek of the prototype !


Meet the team

We are a growing team ready to help you.

Eline van den Haak – Founder and CEO 

A third year bachelor student of industrial engineering and management sciences at Eindhoven university of technology. She builds strategic connections with valuable business partners and steers the company.


Frederique van den Haak-COO

A third year bachelor student of Biology at University of Utrecht, she possess a lot of knowledge about plants and creating optimal ecosystems. She plans and manages the daily activity of the company.

Arno van den Haak-Advisor

With 25 years of experience in the energy sector, he knows exactly what advise to give in the aspects of engineering, project management and patent landscaping.


Frenk Jan Baron- Agricultural Advisor. 

A master student of  bio-systems engineering, he provides insight into all aspects of a agriculture and technical feasibility for this industry . Moreover he is able to build valuable connections to key companies and farming companies.


Moreover our partner companies include;

  • Segula Technologies Netherlands
  • ZLTO
  • Jacob van de Borne-potatoes


In the Press


First place TU/e contest                                                      Radio Item Guest 




IEEE Presenter in Silicon valley.                                       Finalist ASML young makers award


Winner High tech Peak awards                                             Winner IRP awards






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