Haak Innovations BV- newsletter september 2016 

Who are we ?

Haak Innovations BV is high tech start up, founded by Eline van den Haak.  Haak innovations BV aims to solve  problems in the engineering fields of agriculture, energy and transport with unparalleled thinking.

Why do we write to you?

We look to you to share our enthusiasm of  the companies current endeavors.  To keep you informed  on all things new and novel . This is the perfect way for you to know what we are up to and all the exciting things headed our way in the future..

What we are currently up ?

Our first and foremost product is Soil Optimizer. This is an autonomous robot which navigates over  a farmers land and  takes soil samples at a precise depth. It then instantaneously analyses the soil for 8 soil nutrients, pH water content and organic mater content. Based on this analyses Soil optimizer will correct imbalances by adding the required substances.  Soil optimizer will reduce inefficiencies and environmental problems associated with the agricultural industry, while at the same time increasing plant yield and equalizing crops.

Want to know more about us? Keep reading!.

The First Final


Winning the TU/e contest 2015

This was the moment to put here idea to the test ! Eline had decided to enter herself into the Tu/e contest. This is when students enter there ideas online. This is where the public and expert panel could vote on the best  presented ideas.

Eline was selected as candidate for the very first TU/e contest.-as wild card. In the first round Eline had a strong elevator pitch which led her to be selected for the final, which included pitching for 3 minutes and answering questions from a very experience panel of experts.

After a tense  intermission, the verdict was reached. Eline had won the TU/e based on her inventive,  well prepared and presented idea.  Her team won  the grand prize of 5.000 euros and  an office at the high tech campus. This is the kick start that soil optimizer needed.


BNR News Radio

September 2015

After  winning  the Tu/e contest there was  great interest about soil optimizer.

Eline was invited to the BNR news radio headquarters in Amsterdam. Here she spoke about her idea and how soil optimizer came about.

Interested in listening  to Eline interview for yourself? Email us at or visit our website:


  Who’s Who ?

(left to right, clockwise) Eline van den Haak, Frederique van den Haak, Frenk-Jan Baron, Arno van den Haak


Meet the Team.

Eline van den Haak, CEO

 A third year bachelor student of industrial engineering and management sciences at Eindhoven university of technology. She builds strategic connections with valuable business partners and steers the company.

Frederique van den Haak, COO

A third year bachelor student of Biology at University of Utrecht, she possess a lot of knowledge about plants and creating optimal ecosystems. She plans and manages the daily activity of the company.

Frenk Jan Baron- Agricultural Advisor. 

As Master student of bio-systems engineering, he can provide insight into all aspects of the agriculture industry and technical feasibility of our product . He is able to build valuable connections to key companies.

Arno van den Haak-Advisor

With 25 years of experience in the energy sector, he knows exactly what advise to give in the aspects of engineering, project management and patent landscaping.


ASML young makers award

February 2016 .

After  entering Soil Optimizer in yet another competition  the idea and team were selected to pitch there idea  against 3 other teams  at the quarterfinals of the ASML young makers  Award.  The aim  was to  secure a spot  through to the next round and  present there ideas at the annual BOV event  later that month. The quarterfinals were a success.

A month later at the finals of the ASML young makers award  were held in parallel with the BOV (Beste ondernemers visie) event. It was at the BOV event  where soil Optimizer was up against  the  product tingle. A device which allowed anyone to make music based on the finger and body movements.

The winner of the  ASML  young makers award was decided by the audience, who texted their favorite product name to the jury. The results were extremely close, Eline lost by only 8 votes to  the product Tingle.

Soil optimizer might not have won on that particular evening, however the exposure and network were all worth it. We look forward to our next battle!



The future and beyond…

After such an eventful couple months you might be asking yourself: What is next for Haak Innovations BV?

We  have  added a  new intern to our expanding team to further help with research and development for the summer.

Nearer the end of the summer Haak innovations will have completed concept drawings and will apply for a  provisional patent.